When purpose meets passion magic can happen and innovation is the engine. Perfumes have been with us since the Egyptians used them in religious ceremonies. It is thought that perfumes were used elites as status symbols, reminding all who come close of the wearer’s status and power. The first “modern” perfume was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in the early 1300’s.

Enter the world’s first certified cradle to cradle fragrance line, Henry Rose. The significance of achieving this standard is two fold:

  • ingredient transparency, which is highly unusual in the closed and secretive perfumery community
  • free of toxic ingredients such as phthalates which can cause developmental and reproductive issues, verified by the  Environmental Working Group (EWG)

When founder, Michelle Pfeiffer, began her quest more than twenty years ago, little did she know that the pursuit of healthy perfume would be so fraught. Fragrances used toxic ingredients in their manufacture. Cosmetic companies were not in favor of ingredient transparency. When she joined the board of EWG, she decided to develop her own fragrance company and challenge perfumers to develop her line using only 300 ingredients that were verified as safe.

Whether or not the line is ultimately successful, the story is instructive in several ways.

  1. Commercial production systems embed practices that cause unhealthy outcomes
  2. Assure goals through certification and evaluation
  3. When purpose meets passion you have an opportunity to shape the world for the better

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