Climate change is so difficult for many to comprehend because the effects of change are gradual and happen in places all over the globe. This bird’s eye view provides a look at planetary systems at work.

Throughout the year you can see the pulse of photosynthesis as each hemisphere advances through the seasons. These pulses provide the oxygen that our planet needs. They enable the conditions for life to flourish.

Focus on the greenest parts of the planet and you’re witnessing the planet’s lungs at work. The forests of the Amazon and Congo are one of the main reasons we’re not a hot, desolate planet because they trap the greenhouse gases that cause temperatures to rise.

Why should we care? As human activities discharge more greenhouse gases than our natural systems can process, we’re heating up the planet. The severity of weather and fires of this past decade are evidence of global warming.

In this season of family and gratitude, it is a time to acknowledge the debt of gratitude that we owe to our planetary lungs and mother nature. Our children’s future depends on our immediate collective action to put a stop to climate change.

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