What does your company’s culture say?

Office cultures are morphing with advances in technology; transitions from office to telework are taking place, and the internet & social media are being used to promote your company to billions of people! So what do you want to say, to your employees, to your clients?

  • Hi, we hire and fire as quickly as we blink!
  • We micromanage by hovering over you with no privacy allowed!
  • Our company shares everything, so hopefully you are comfortable with no space to call your own!
  • Don’t forget who is boss… nor who the worker bee is!

If you are shaking your head side to side, with your mouth wide open in awe, at the possibility that one of the above scenarios explains your work culture… then please continue reading.

Looking back on our past, office space design affected how we went about our day in the office. Whether it was hierarchical, with repeating rows of wooden desks and closed offices for upper management; tribal spaces which leant to open communication, sharing, and cross collaboration; cubicle layouts, allowing companies to cram bodies into an office space like hot dogs; or the ‘new frontier’ with computers comprising 60 percent of your desk. Office space design has influenced our “work-space” community interactions and it can either drive or inhibit the productivity of its workers; affecting the health and mental wellness of employees, who are overworked and constantly in loud, and inhospitable conditions, leading to high turnover rates and lots of sick days.

How the office is designed, explains what type of work you do, how efficient you are at your job, and what the culture is like… so what kind of message do you want to send your potential or current clients?

Take a minute to look around and decide which type of office space are you in… does this office speak to what your company’s operating principles are all about? Do you feel motivated, energetic, productive, and empowered in your workspace? If not, then send Expressworks a message, or give us a call, and our experienced and insightful consultants, can help you and your company transition the change that is needed, so that your office culture RADIATES your purpose and goals.